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The rise and fall of TV opening credits

I was recently thinking about the status of a classic threshold of television series – the episode title – and wondering whether the new ways of watching series  – particularly on streaming platforms – actually tended to highlight it more. Then a few weeks later, Netflix announced that they were thinking...

Homo Deus – Saved by the algorithm?

Homo Deus – Saved by the algorithm?

More and more people are asking questions about the future of insurance and about the words “digital”, “big data”, “connected objects”, etc., predicting an upcoming revolution. Many think that the revolution is already well underway and that it is high time to create a little (science) fiction to imagine what...

Working in an abattoir: Two takes on the subject

Stéphane Geffroy, A l’abattoir, Éditions du Seuil, coll. Raconter la vie, 2016, 96 p. Geoffrey Le Guilcher, Steak Machine, Éditions Goutte d’Or, 2017, 200 p. How can anyone work in an abattoir? Over the last few months, in a context in which the association L214 has denounced the conditions in...

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